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Active Start

SNAG (Age 3-5)


Beginner Camp (6-8)

Level 1 Camp (8-12)

Learn to Golf

Level 2 Camp (9-14)

Introduction to Competition

Learn to Compete

Our Programs

An introductory level program runs throughout the summer for players 6 and under using the SNAG golf equipment. This program is designed to make golf fun and exciting while providing the opportunity to introduce fundamental movements.

The beginner, level one, and evening programs at Eagle Valley Golf Club are designed to build on fundamental movements for players being introduced to the game. The beginner program is for ages 6-8, while the level one is similar, but geared toward slightly older players (7-9). Evening program is offered to the students who do not have the availability to come throughout the day.

The level 2 program is designed to help further develop and refine the motor skills learned in the previous levels. The program allows players 8-11 to spend more time on the golf course learning the overall game of golf and experiencing the different clubs and scenarios.

Players who begin this stage of golf are encouraged more toward the individual lessons packages and junior membership at the club. Players looking to start competition should be well versed in on-course play but not allow the competition aspect to take away the enjoyment of playing the game of golf.

Eagle Valley customized academy programs are designed for athletes looking to move to the next level of competition. Academy programs are individualized programs tailored to an athlete's needs. Strengths and weaknesses will be addressed, as well as the mental and physical components of taking their athleticism to the next level.

All of the EVGA programs are designed with a 6:1 ratio of student to instructor to

help keep a fun and engaging environment for all participants throughout the

program. Participants are given a certificate of completion to ensure a sense of

accomplishment in every player. Eagle Valley's Junior Programs are LTPD

compliant in their step by step progression from fun, entry level programs

through to specific advanced instruction. This tiered system fosters life-long

enjoyment of the sport.

All of the junior golf programs at Eagle Valley Golf Course are designed to follow the Golf Canada Long-term Player Development guide (LTPD)

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