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Curriculum based learning

  Eagle Valley has been using a curriculum based learning system in all of our junior programs. This will help teach kids the fundamentals of the game of golf while keeping it fun. The curriculum is broken down into five levels that teach new technique and skills as they progress. 

  • Putting

  • Around the Green

  • Full Swing

  • Golf Knowledge

  • Scoring

The purpose of this curriculum is to create goal based learning that gives players a clear vision of their next step.         

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SNAG (Age 3-5):  Starting new at Golf Uses age appropriate equipment and programming to effectively teach the game of golf. Eagle Valley staff creates a fun learning environment.

Beginner Camp (6-8) Active Start: - Our Beginner Camp for the player who has done very little golf or is a transition from our SNAG program to introduce young golfer to real golf equipment and basic fundamentals. Using game based learning approach, players will participate in different activities to develop skills such as driving, pitching, chipping and putting.

Level 1 Program (Age 8-12) Fundamentals: (All underage exceptions must be have participated in EVGA beginner program or individual lessons and will be excepted at the coach's discretion)

       This program is for students who are looking to improve on their basic golf skill, critique fundamentals and develop more consistent golf. Players will be introduced to good practice habits, rules of golf, game play and etiquette.


Level 2 Program ( Age 9-14) Learn to Golf:  (All underage exception must have participated in EVGA level 1 program or individual lessons and will be excepted at the coach's discretion.)

       This program is for the player who has developed all the basic golf skills and is looking to put it all together on the course. Players will spend each day on the practice facility then make their way to the course. The coach will introduce scoring, swing development, skill acquisition and course strategy. 

EV Evening Academy Program (14 and under):50 minutes under the guidance of EVGA Golf Staff, intended to develop swing fundamentals and basic skills. This is not a level. It is a good practice time to improve the skills required to advance a level, or just an opportunity to learn more about the game.


EVG Academy Program: This program is for players of all ages and skill levels. The coaching is designed to look at each individual’s current ability and improve their skills. A customised program can be designed with your goal in mind.

Winter off-Season Program: 

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                                                   Click HERE to learn more about 2 hour Program


Summer Season Program:  TBA

We have a program for everyone!

Contact Eagle Valley Golf Academy staff to find out which program is right for you! 

Whether you want private, semi private or group lessons, click HERE

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If you are seeking multiple lesson or member's discount please contact us by phone or email, we will assist you to find the best plan.

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