John Piccolo: Early Season Thoughts to Launch your Golf Year

Make the Most of your Time

Most of us struggle to find time to play or practise as much as we would like so here is some advice to make your time most effective. Make a list where your time should be allocated. You may think hitting further is the key to enjoying your golf more but if you put your game under a microscope you will likely come up with a different answer. How often do you keep your drives in play? Do you have trouble hitting off the ground? Chipping? Putting? What causes you the most grief? There is that number out there of 10,000 hours to become an expert at something. That number is kind of depressing because it seems like you could never spend that much time trying to improve. Remember that number is to become an expert at something. You can improve a great deal with purposeful practice even if you get nowhere close to 10,000 hours in.

How to Spend your Range Time

When you go to the range, spend your time on what ticks you off the most. Of course, if you don’t know how to fix the problem practice is a waste of time so get some help. It will save you an incredible amount of time and frustration if you get a good lesson. Of course, if you get a bad lesson it will make things worse so take some time and do your research before choosing an instructor. Keep your goals in line with your talent and time availability.

Be Realistic

There are these New Age gurus out there who tell you that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. No you can’t. No matter how hard you work, or how much you believe, you will not beat Usain Bolt in the 100 metres. If you shoot 100 in golf, you will not shoot par just because you believe in yourself. Self belief will help you to be your best, but be realistic about what your best will be. Play courses and yardages that suit your ability. Play with people whose company you enjoy on the course. These are not always people whose company you enjoy off the course. Cancel the Golf Channel and remember golf magazines are in business to sell golf clubs, not cure your woes. In fact, if they cure your problems, you won’t buy as many clubs and the magazines go out of business.

Be Informed

If you are thinking about new clubs, be demanding and be informed. The best question to ask any salesperson is how is this club going to make me better than the ones I have? Next question. Do you guarantee it? This may seem like an impossibly high level to hold a sales agent to but why not? If they claim you should buy a club, they should know what you are currently using and be able to tell you why the new one will perform better. They are generally good at this part. They turn obscure, minor, differences between products into world-beating results. Back it up. I’m not against selling golf clubs. I’m just against embellishing in order to do it.

Here's to you and the great golf season ahead of you,

-John Piccolo

Our Head Golf Professional, John Piccolo, is widely known for his simple, positive, and relaxed instruction. If you are learning the game of golf or need some tips or adjustments for your swing, John is the man to see.With both Eagle Valley Golf Club's indoor and outdoor range, lessons are offered all year-round!

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