2020 Get Golf Ready in 5 Days!

This program is designed by the National Golf Course Association and Canadian Professional Golfers Association to make it easy and affordable for newcomers to get started in the game.


We teach you everything you need to know about golf to get started in just five hours!

Give us five days and we'll give you a sport for a lifetime!

Get Golf Ready: 

     *Look for the next class in the Spring of 2021!

Golf Readier:
Dates to be determined 

Day 1 - Awakening the golfer in you

Day 2 - Become one with the course

Day 3 - The turn

Day 4 - Driving school

Day 5 - Take your swing



Only $99!


Golf Bags, Golf Balls, Specialty Clubs & Accessories


"Because your swing is as individual as you are!"

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Custom Fit YOUR individual swing characteristics


Also Specializing in: 

1. Reshafting

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