Level 1 Checklist 



Putting Checkpoints

  • Grip: Thumbs on Top 

  • “Y” Setup (Your arms and Putter Form the letter "Y") 

  • Eyes Over the Ball 

  • Pendulum Swing, Backswing = Follow Through 


Putting Evaluation             

  • Make 3/5 attempts from 2 feet away

  • Make 3/5 two putts from 10’ feet away



Chipping Checkpoints

  • Hotdog in the bun grip. 

  • “Y” setup 

  • Backswing = Follow Through

  • Brush the Grass (let the club head brush the grass).

Skill Evaluation 

  • Chip 3/5 shots from 20 feet away  to inside 8 feet of the hole.  



Pitching Checkpoints

  • Hotdog in the bun grip.

  • “Y” setup 

  • “L” to “L” swing, backswing = follow through 

  • Brush the grass 

  • Hold the finish 

Skill Evaluation 

  • Land 2/5 balls on the green from 10yds off the green

Full Swing

Full Swing Checkpoints 

  • Hotdog in the bun grip

  • “Y” setup – ball in the middle 

  • Stable Stance 

  • “Y” to “L” release and brush the grass

  • Hold the finish, show the shoe 

Skill Evaluation 

  • Hit the ball 25yds in the air, 3/5 attempts. (using a tee). 

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