Eagle Valley Covid-19 Updates

May 1st, 2020


TODAY we discussed how to open the 2020 season with the least amount of risk to yours and our health.  


When we get the go ahead…

Golf or Driving Range Members  &  Golf or Driving Range Pass Holders Only will have the privilege to golf or use the driving range and practice facility; including 2020 Jr. Members.

You will be able to buy golf or driving range passes on-line.

A limited number will go on sale first to test these procedures.  

If we feel that this operation works smoothly and minimizes risk we will continue to release a second set of limited number of passes.


As more information about the coronavirus is issued and rules start to relax, if they do, we will slowly and safely inch our way towards our standard procedures.  However, until then, we feel that this is a responsible safe way to getting started.


More information about buying passes will be coming soon.







Our purpose for this decision is to minimize monetary transaction and congestion in the pro shop and to keep you outside in the fresh air and ample space so your visit here is delightful and safe.

Golf Course:

  1. Tee Times are mandatory

  2. Arrive 10 minutes before your tee time and park in the upper paved parking lot.  Proceed to the first tee to check in with the Starter.  If you are a member, make sure your membership badge is visible for the Starter.   Present your golf pass to the Starter who will then hole punch it

  3. Play your round and keep your distance.  The holes will be filled so your ball does not sink to the bottom and flagsticks are not to be removed.

  4. When you have finished your round go straight to your car and leave the property.


Driving Range and Practice Facility:

  1. Large & Small bucket passes will only be available. (large is the old medium)

  2. Enter pro shop through double glass doors clearly marked "entrance only" 

  3. You will be greeted by an attendant who will hole punch your pass and you will be designated a station and an attendant will bring your bucket and drop the balls at your designated station for you.  They will not leave the bucket with you.


Restroom facilities:

Please use double door entrance by pro shop to ENTER and use stairs to EXIT the building; which will be well marked. Keep your distance and wash your hands before and after using the facility.  Proper disinfectants will be available for you to use and respect for the safety of your fellow golfers and your community.

If you need a beverage or light snack you can call or visit the pro shop attendant who will do the best they can to assist you.


Ladies League:

We are still trying to be innovative and fun about providing a ladies league for you.

You can request to register on-line for the league.  Joining the league fee is $75.

Once you have registered it will be mandatory to purchase the ladies league 20 round pass which will be available to ladies league members only.  The pass rate will be greatly reduced and to be determined when we get the go ahead to open the golf course.

The Ladies League will be simplified this year to encourage you to continue playing uninterrupted by other players as well as recreational non intimidating play with your friends.

 - Ladies League will be Tuesdays Only.  

 - Tee is reserved for Ladies Only from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

 - The 9 holes will alternate weekly between front and back nine.

 - Tee time is absolutely mandatory.

Arrive in the parking lot and go directly to the starter at first tee with your punch card.

Play your round with your lady golfers keeping your safe distance.

The holes will be filled so your ball will not drop directly to the bottom of the hole, it will sit slightly in the hole easily for you to retrieve.

When your round is completed drop your score card in the ladies league score card box.

We will mark your score and enter you into our weekly prize draw.  Your scores will be averaged out at the end of the season to determine your placement in the league for a fun grand finale golf event.


CAMPS & LESSONS are still in discussion.  Of course we don’t want the children to lose the experience of golf as one of the most respectful sports that can take them through their life; so trust that we will come up with a safe and fun plan.  Stay tuned for more information from the Pros.

In the meantime STAY HOME & STAY SAFE

We miss you!

Eagle Valley Golf Club

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